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Immaculate Heart of Mary Confirmation Program
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Choosing Your Confirmation Name

At Baptism you were called by name, christened to become a child of God.  Your first name is your “Christian name” and indicates your membership in the Christian community.

Traditionally, taking a new name indicated that a new way of being was taking place. At Confirmation, the name you choose should reflect the kind of person you would like to be or become. 

In choosing your Confirmation name, you are entrusting yourself to the patronage of a particular saint, recognized by the Catholic Church. When you take a new name, the only limit that is placed on your choice is that it should be a saint’s name.  Whatever media you use to research your name, please be sure you look up “Catholic Saint”  not just a saint. 

When you choose a new name, please be able to explain what drew you to that Saint and how this person will help you with your Confirmation commitment.

To help you in choosing your saint’s name, please follow the dircetion below. If you need any help in choosing your name, or finding information for your name, please don’t hesitate to come to the Religious Ed. Office. We have many books about saints available for you to look thtough for ideas.  


Confirmation Saint Report Requirement

This report will help in picking a name for Confirmation.  Look up 3 saints you are interested in learning more about and write about the 1 saint you will be using for your Confirmation name.  This report does not need to be more than 1 page long.  Please be sure the answers to the questions below are included in your report.  Any other information you would like to provide would be welcomed as well.  Be sure your saint is a Catholic saint.  We will have to ask you to find another saint if it is not.

1. What will your Confirmation name be?  

2. Why did you choose this saint over the other 2 saints you researched?

3. Tell about his or her life, for example where and when this person was  born? 

4. What is special to you about this saint? 

5. In a paragraph tell how you can be like this saint? 

6. Is this person a Patron Saint?  Your Patron Saint?  Of what?


Saint Reports are due by Monday, January 10, 2022.