Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scarsdale NY, Religious Education

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Goals of Immaculate Heart of Mary Religious Education Program

1.    To expose students to basic Catholic Doctrine, Prayer, and Scripture.

2.    To assist in spiritual growth.

3.    To encourage students to live their faith.

4.    To promote the Sacred Tradition, Scripture, and Doctrines of the Catholic Faith.

5.    To teach students the Sacraments.

6.    To prepare and encourage students to receive frequent Reconciliation (Confession) and Communion.


 Parent Expectations 

1.    Share your Catholic Faith with your child.

2.    Attend Mass every Sunday or Saturday Vigil, and Holy Days of Obligation with your child.

3.    Be on time.  Parents are expected to accompany their children to school on time, as well as pick them up promptly at the end of class. 

4.    Show interest in the lessons and projects your child brings home and talk with them about their experience in class.

5.    Contact the Religious Education teacher or Coordinator of Religious Education to discuss any questions, problems, or suggestions.

6.    Parents or Guardians are expected to participate in the Religious Education program by contacting the Coordinator of Religious Education as to what area of involvement they would be assisting with such as teaching, substituting, and acting as a hall monitor or class parent. 


Student Expectations

It is essential that respect, cooperation, support, and courtesy be shown by all those involved in the Religious Education program.  We are a “family” and the behavior is a reflection of belonging to the family.  Parents, please review the following rules of behavior so that your students will understand.

1.    Respect teachers, assistants, and classmates.

2.    Use respectful language.

3.    Cooperate with requests made by the teachers and assistants.

4.    Respect the property of IHM Parish and School.

5.    Listen while others are speaking and participate in class discussions/projects.

6.    Be open to learning about the Catholic faith in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.